Founded by Friends.
Developed by experience.

A Unique Story for a Unique Brand

Rikus, co-founder of the brand has a unique story. From a University scholarship (Tennis), to Ironman athlete and now crazy avid cyclist, sport has always been part of his life, he's a true believer that what the mind believes the body can achieve. Co-creating SiSu is literally a summary of his life...all limitations are self-imposed, believe you can achieve anything, work hard, work smart and train with people that are better than you. Combing his more than a decade commercial experience whilst leveraging his passion for performance apparel to co-create SiSu!

Christiaan, his fellow founder, grew up in South Africa with sport running through his veins - participating competitively in team sports for more than two decades while completing his Medical and Business education - always being a believer in beating the odds, he pursued a career in Cardiovascular Perfusion in Switzerland, where he currently lives. His never say die attitude and belief that hard work trumps talent, inevitably led him to endurance sports and cycling, where he can push himself daily to be a better, faster, stronger version of himself.

SiSu - the Finnish concept to take courageous action against the odds -  was born when these two childhood friends finally had a chance to combine their mutual passion for cycling, endurance sports and performance apparel with their more than 20 years of combined business skills to create the ultimate training, riding and racing gear company - to keep you Riding, Keep you Fighting, Keep you Believing…

SiSu - Pedal The Pain.

The team

Key Influencers

SiSu – Pedal the Pain is a lifestyle brand with a group of like-minded individuals who all share the same drive and mental focus. We are proud to have a handful of Key Influencers on team SiSu.

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