SiSu About the Brand - Pedal the Pain

Where performance meets inspiration

Our Mission

To offer our athletes unique, fresh and inspiring designs while on the grind during the ultimate me time. Our brand encourages an active, healthy and empowering lifestyle and a brand to fit the everyday rider, racing snake and weekend warrior looking for  • Style  • Comfort  • Quality  • Performance.

An original lifestyle concept.

The co-founders share a deep sense of passion and believe that anything is possible. This is where performance meets inspiration. A one of a kind brand for everyone from the everyday athlete, the weekend warrior to the racing snake. We understand being active takes commitment, sacrifice and determination and as such, SiSu is more than a brand, a concept or an idea, it's the hunger and belief that lives inside each of us - it’s strength in the face of all odds – it’s the paradigm shift that all of us are capable of  - convincing our minds to tell our bodies that it can and will be done!

It's the tenacity, the grit, the stubbornness and unwillingness to ever give up, the determination to keep grinding, keep fighting... even if it seems that failure is inevitable. SiSu is the conscious decision to keep giving it your all and do what needs to be done regardless of the state you’re in...

This is what we stand for…This is what we do…Pedal The Pain - because only at the breaking point are you able to go further, get stronger, break through the limits, and make the impossible, possible!

We are both avid cyclists and share the tar and dirt of SA and Switzerland week in and week out. The designs we create are to inspire our athletes to get out there and keep grinding.

We are different and we want to be different that's why we partner with an inspiring team of designers, world class manufactures and creative souls to provide our athletes with awesome armour for that next race, strava segment or coffee ride! We design inspiring apparel and continuously innovate to ensure that each time you put on your SiSu armour, you feel better, faster and just alive.


Meet the founders

Childhood friends with a communal goal to create unique premium performance apparel combining their mutual passion for cycling and endurance sports with their more than 20 years combined business experience.

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